Women In Cannabis

The cannabis industry has done a fantastic job of empowering us all, from medical professionals seeking new ways to help their patients to minority entrepreneurs benefiting from the new legislation in Illinois.  Throughout the country, we have seen LGBTQ run businesses springing up that are finding success and acceptance in a rapidly growing industry, and we have seen women CEOs turning cannabis into a big business from grassroots.  Today we’re going to focus on these incredible women and the role they’ve played, and maybe give you a push to supporting them as they continue to change the world. Dr. Lakisha Jenkins dr lakisha jenkins As if being a doctor of Naturopathy weren’t enough, this incredible woman is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and is a registered master herbalist.  As part of her position in this role, she has helped found the California Cannabis Industry Association and has assisted in producing some of the laws that have passed in her state.  She has been taking medical cannabis to incredible heights by mixing them with an astounding array of herbs to produce incredible effects. She got her start in her current path when her daughter was diagnosed with two brain tumors, and wouldn’t authorize any other treatment than chemotherapy and radiation.  While her daughter passed away, she continues to strive forward to help others with holistic techniques. Attorney Rachel K Gillette With the laws trying desperately to catch up with the new reality that is legalized marijuana, there’s a lot of loopholes and catch points that those not savvy about the law can get caught in. Thankfully that’s why Gilette quit her job and started up her own cannabis law practice when Colorado announced that it was legalizing marijuana.  Her philosophy had always supported its legalization, so now that it was becoming a reality, she wanted to help it along the way. Lynne Lyman, Drug Policy Alliance State Director Joining our lineup of incredible cannabis women is Lynne Lyman.  As part of the non-profit Drug Policy Alliance, she has been working to help direct drug policies in her home state of California.  Her goal is to ensure that the laws that get passed are grounded in human rights, compassion, science, and health. She recognizes that the transition that the world is going through is happening quickly, and encourages people to remember that just five years ago, people were being jailed for running a dispensary. These women have been playing an important role in the changing face of the cannabis industry. As legalization spreads to more and more states, we’re going to need women just like them to help protect it.  Every day new laws are being made, new medications and data collected, and new policies being enacted that require the oversight of people like them. Every time you enjoy a toke in a Denver dispensary or light up on Sunset Strip, remember that these women have played a central role in the liberties you now enjoy and are out there working for you every day. https://dimebags.com/blog/cannabis-101/where-did-420-start/      

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