Top 5 Back-to-School Dime Bags

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With the school year just around the corner, it’s time to get new bags to look your best in the hallways and classrooms! Well, maybe not. With Corona literally in the air, this school year is bound to be as unpredictable as 2020 has been. You're in luck though - Dime Bags is here to carry you through the school year and beyond. Whether you’re heading back to the halls, homeschooling, or hanging in the park while you attend classes virtually, we’ve got the bags you need.

Omerta Transporter

Omerta Transporter Back to School

Looking for a bag that spacious bag that also offers smell-proof protection to travel to your classes and office space? Our Omerta backpack, the Transporter, offers the most space with nine compartments that can hold your laptop, textbooks, lunch, and other necessities, giving your day the head start you need to be victorious! Each transporter bag is uniquely keyed, making each bag manufactured unique, while it’s carbon-lining material can hold even the nastiest of smells. The Transporter can be easily tossed in the dryer for refreshing, and its adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear while getting to and from your daily grind.

Classic Backpack

Water Resistant Back to School Dime Bag

These backpacks all feature fresh takes and bold twists for bags, packing extra compartments and space for all your back-to-school needs. Each backpack has the hallmark of practical school-wear, including four external compartments, two internal pockets, and two micro-mesh bottle holders. The Classic can fit up to a 17” laptop and features heavy-duty zippers and our durable Hempster material for a contoured, eco-friendly fit. The Urban style takes the same design and adds more colors for variety. Our water-resistant version combines our Hempster material with water-resistant fabrics for a more robust defense against spills. Their sturdy, adjustable side straps and two adjustable bottom straps can secure even the heaviest of books, keeping the weight off of your back, allowing you to experience almost weightless travel to your classes.

Slab Bag

Slab bag back to school

The Slab Bag takes on a modern look, combining expertise and authenticity to create an eco-friendly backpack that can hold laptops, iPads, phones, and other gadgets with ease. The Slab Bag’s contoured shoulder straps give the bag exceptional support, and its seven compartment storage gives you the space you need for any workspace. Its square-shaped design and padded laptop compartment can also accommodate the heaviest of textbooks, giving you the extra room required and making it one of our best-selling backpacks. Featuring our durable hempster material, spill/smell proof poly bags, and heavy-duty zippers, the Slab Bag makes carrying your schoolbooks friendly and effortless.

City Dweller

City Dweller back to school

For any big city student, the City Dweller takes traveling and gives tons of space for easy commuting. The City Dweller makes organizing for the day ahead simplified and makes any work ahead of a breeze. It’s padded, adjustable straps give the City Dweller extra comfort during your journey to your classes or workplace. Its front cellphone pocket and two water bottle holders make getting your essentials easy to access while taking public transit. The City Dweller combines aspects of the classic and slab bag and compromises with a padded laptop compartment, seven zippered compartments, and heavy-duty external zippers for durable construction and classy design. 

Convertible Backpack & Duffle

Computer duffle back sack

Our hybrid computer duffle bag, the Convertable Backpack & Duffle, is much more stylish and convenient in real life, don’t let the product shots fool you. Use this bag for your weekend trips, small excursions in the outdoors, and any long business trip across the country because this big boy protects precious cargo, such as laptops and textbooks, while providing you organization of chargers and clothes with its 12 compartments. Each compartment features micro-mesh utility pockets and padding for security and comfort. Its durable Hempster material makes it soft and eco-friendly, while its external USB port and adjustable side straps make travel and prepping for work casual and efficient.

If you’re ready to hit the books, start your commute, or just head from the bedroom to the living room, shop our entire Dime Bags collection for back-to-school preparations, and tag us online with your back-to-school images!

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