Teen Drug Use Down After Recreational Legalization

Over the past decade, there has been a marked increase in the use of Cannabis by the youth in the United States, but teen Drug use in legal states is Down.  Recent research has shown a surprising trend in some areas where recreational marijuana has been made legal.  That trend is the reduction of High School age teens reporting pot use,  with nearly an 8% decline being found in a recent study. The interesting part of this trend is that it does not correlate with medical marijuana legalization.  Only when marijuana becomes legal for recreational use do these results begin to appear.  The study was focused on the variations in policy, unlike prior works on the subject, making them the most credible currently available. The data analyzed in the study covered information from 1993 to 2017, with nearly 14 million students of High School age across the United States being studied.  When this data was analyzed an association was found between the legalization of recreational marijuana and decreased levels of Teenage drug usage. The statistics revealed during this study that the growth in marijuana usage among teens expanded to 6.3% to 0.6% over the 26 years from 1991 to 2017. Continuing research will determine if this effect is actually causal in nature, or if some other factor is coming into play.  Continued research will be necessary given that studies on the state-level have produced data that contradicts this study. There are multiple theories as to the cause of this perceived drop, including reduced availability of marijuana from drug dealers due to the legalized nature of the substance.  This makes it difficult for those of teen years to get access to marijuana.  This could reveal that street sales of the product have reduced significantly as a result. One of the major reasons this data is of such interest to researchers is due to the effect of marijuana on developing brains.  In the bodies of fully developed adults marijuana is a relatively harmless drug that has few if any major drawbacks to its consumption, especially when taken as an oil or edible.  In developing children there has been growing evidence that there is a risk of health issues from its use. As legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes continues to grow and develop these kinds of questions are going to bear closer study.  Not just the effects of recreational and medical marijuana’s on the availability of street pot but also on its consumption among teens and other age groups.  It has long been theorized that the popularity of a thing can be tied to the amount of taboo associated with it.  As legalization becomes more common there is less taboo associated with pot use, and hence less attractiveness for those in the more rebellious stages of life. Dime Bag continues to monitor the growth and development of studies surrounding the changing role of marijuana in our society.  Legalization changes a great deal of the social factors surrounding our favorite plant, and we’re eager to find out where that road goes, and to guide it when we can. By purchasing Dime Bags Products you help move forward Legalization!

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