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2020 is seeing strides in the advancement of marijuana legalization and its movement into mainstream public life. One such stride was the addition of delivery services and laws governing them in various locations throughout the US. Colorado, who led the charge for marijuana legalization that would explode into a nationwide movement in 2013, continues to innovate the delivery of cannabis to those in need. Massachusetts made the move to legalize recreational marijuana just last year in 2019 and is stepping ahead of Colorado in the next big evolution for the marijuana industry. That evolution? Marijuana as a delivery service.


Massachusetts Implements Cannabis Deliveries

Those who use marijuana medicinally are already able to receive deliveries of cannabis to their home. Those able to deliver marijuana to medical patients got an early start on being able to make home deliveries of recreational cannabis, but 2020 opens the doors for all sellers to deliver if they have a license. The processing of licenses for recreational sellers is already underway, and each approved application is one more source for tokers who prefer to have their meds delivered. Perfect for those sheltered in place during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Colorado Wasn’t Far Behind

Always one to recognize a good idea where marijuana is concerned, Colorado is opening the doors for deliveries in 2020 as well. The permits first became available on Jan 2 for those delivering medical marijuana. Retail stores and transporters not otherwise associated with a dispensary will be able to start applying for this service in 2021. While there are some limitations on who will be able to make deliveries, its a huge step to making access to marijuana easy and convenient for everyone.


New York City?

New York City is making strong strides towards this kind of legalization as well. While the Mayor’s task force is still discussing the idea and laying out possibilities, it is at least out in the open as an option. Given the recent move to expunge certain convictions related to marijuana, this isn’t a surprising step for them.


How Has Marijuana Delivery Been Received In The Past?

This movement towards legalizing the delivery of marijuana stands in stark contrast to moments when the subject came up in the past. Just six years ago, in spite of legalized marijuana, Seattle took a very firm stance on delivery. If a marijuana provider was caught delivering marijuana to its customers, their product would be seized, and the business shut down without reservation. While House Bill 2368 attempted to legalize this practice in Seattle in 2016, it failed to pass. House Bill 1712 was brought up for the same purpose the following year but didn’t manage to overturn this.


For those living in Colorado or Massachusetts 2020 represents a whole new kind of freedom in cannabis usage. No more will they have to brave the Covid-19 infested wastes to obtain their favorite herb, instead it will start being delivered by daring couriers straight to your door. Enjoy it, fellow tokers, and may the rest of the states start to follow suit! 


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