How to Use a Bong

Even if you’ve never owned a bong, also known as a water-pipe, we guarantee that you’ve seen one and heard one before.  That tell-tale bubbling noise that is commonly used in media to indicate people smoking? That’s the sound of a water bong.  Those elaborate glass contraptions full of water that you see in the movies? The ones where they light the small bowl of pot and pull a drag through a tank of water?  Yep… Those are them.   If you’re interested in diving into the bong water and ripping up fat hits through your very own bubbler (another word for water-pipe/bong), then we’ve got a guide for you!

It All Starts With The Water
Alright, when you’ve purchased your bong, you’re going to see there’s a very obvious tank for the water.  How much water you put in this tank matters.  You need enough that the smoke is filtered through it when you pull, but not so much that water flows up into your mouth when you take a hit.  The best way to find the right level is to add water until you get a nice bubbling sound when you pull.  If the water comes up to your mouth, you’ve added too much, and need to pour some out.

how to use a bong
Get That Herb Loaded Up
You want to make sure you’ve got a nice dry herb to load into your bowl for the first time.  While you can carefully crumble it up for use in your bowl, we recommend using a grinder to get the right texture and consistency.  Some bongs come with a screen to keep the herb from being pulled into the tank; others don’t bother.  Remember that bongs hit harder than spliffs or joints, so loading light the first time is advised.

Strike The Fire
Alright,  now that you’ve got the bong all loaded and ready to go you’re ready to take your first hit!  Using a lighter or a hemp wick light up the bowl of herb while drawing through the mouthpiece.  You’ll see the bong slowly fill with smoke.  Once it’s full to your satisfaction, pull the bowl and inhale the smoke!

Congratulations!  You’ve pulled your first hit through your new bong, and joined a long legacy of smokers who have enjoyed the smooth, clean smoke you get by using one.  Now that you’ve broken your bong cherry, you can start looking at more advanced styles and playing with new ways to change up your smoke.  These can include using flavored water in the bong (clean thoroughly!) or dropping ice into the water to cool the smoke.

There’s a whole world of bongs out there in every shape and size, and you’re sure to find one that can meet your pricing needs.  As time goes on, you’ll find that you are drawn to certain styles and designs of water-pipe, and eventually, you’ll find that perfect one.  Or maybe you’ll become a collector?  We all know that smoker who has an impressive collection of glass. Will the next one be you?

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