How Clean Are Your Cannabis Concentrates?

With the rise in legal marijuana throughout the United States, there has come a new problem around cannabis concentrates that authorities are still learning how to address.  This issue is related to the production of marijuana concentrates and how to properly regulate their production and use. In the course of trying to resolve this issue, there have been safety concerns addressed by outlawing certain substances being included in the production of concentrates and what is allowed to be present in the final product.  This all leads to one singular question… Are concentrates really the cleanest way to get a great high, or are you tossing the dice?

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If you’ve been reading news related to ganja production, then you know that there’s no question about whether or not tainted cannabis concentrates have found their way into the dispensary market.  Colorado has had a number of dispensaries fall subject to these regulations and getting shut down as a result. So there obviously are concerns about what’s showing up in our legal products.  Consider the case from December 20, 2018, where THC vape juice was being found to contain pesticide in illegal quantities in a Seattle dispensary. More recent reports of tainted product reaching people in Oregon and Colorado resulting in the aforementioned shutdowns.

Situations like these make it clear that there is definitely a problem in the industry right now, but that’s to be expected given its fledgling state.  As time goes on and systems for tracking these kinds of concerns improve, we’re sure to see incidents like those mentioned above decline and eventually nearly disappear from legitimate shops.

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From the other side of the argument, we have one thing that can’t be denied about cannabis concentrates.  When properly made in the right conditions and with an eye to producing a product free from contaminants, there’s no cleaner high.  Whether you’re looking at budder, shatter, oil, or wax you’re going to be getting a product where the majority of the impurities have been removed.  The high from these products is difficult to beat and represent some of the most potent products you’ll come across.

While not all areas of the United States that have legalized marijuana have made these available through their dispensaries, an increasing number are turning to them.  In some cases, the oils produced from a process like this are the only things that can be legally issued through a dispensary that aren’t medibles.

What this tells us is that as time goes on, there will be increased regulation and testing happening with these products.  Guidelines will get set in place, and industrial-grade tools for producing them will become more available to even small dispensaries.  It is possible that production could theoretically be restricted to licensed labs and facilities only, and leave the dispensaries relying on them for their source, but that’s a worst-case scenario.  What is definite in either case is that we’ll be seeing cleaner, purer forms of concentrate coming out dispensaries sooner rather than later, and stories like those mentioned above will become a thing of the past.

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