Vape Cartridges 101

Marijuana consumption has always been about innovation and creativity; just ask anyone who has turned every fruit into their house into a bong.  With the growing legalization of our favorite vice innovation has gone mainstream, and head shops all over the country are overflowing with new and exciting ways to partake of the green herb.  Among these innovations are THC Cartridges, one of the most convenient and subtle methods of keeping your supply on hand so you can ride the day high and smooth.

When E-Cigs Met Marijuana?
It didn’t take long for enthusiasts of ganja to realize that it wouldn’t be challenging to convert the incredibly popular e-cigarette to the toking tool.  While the first versions of these new vapes were cobbled together through creative hobbyists, it didn’t take long for them to go mainstream and enter the market as vape pens.  The vaping craze had found its way to the world of mainstream marijuana.

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So What Are Vape Cartridges?
Vape pens are reloadable, and the devices used to reload them are known as cartridges.  Vape cartridges are easy to load into your vape pen and contain a THC infused oil that vaporizes into a fine mist once the pen brings it up to temp.  All the relaxing, pain-soothing properties of marijuana without any of the long term concerns about inhaling smoke.  Who could ask for more?

Why Use Vape Cartridges?
These little pockets of heaven are incredibly easy to use; you have to screw them onto your vape pen to be ready to toke. You then hit the button on your vape pen which causes the coil to begin heating rapidly. Draw in a breath through the vape pen while the button is depressed and you’re ready to enjoy an ultimately soothing experience.  Ease of use is just one of the reasons why vape cartridges are an excellent choice for your marijuana consumption, but there are more!

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Vape Cartridges Are More Potent – While smoking your ganja has a nostalgic air of tradition, it also is a less efficient way of enjoying your weed. The heat involved in smoking breaks down many of the active ingredients that bring you that much beloved high. Vaping happens at a lower temperature, ensuring you get the full unadulterated experience.
• Portable and Discreet  – While there are plenty of solutions for keeping your stash on hand, it can be tricky to keep it discreet when you choose to indulge.  Vape cartridges are self-contained, easy to use, and look just like e-cig pens to the casual observer.  Even better there’s no tell-tale odor to blow your cover; you’re just enjoying a cloud of self-righteous pineapple like any good vaper.

If you’ve been considering dipping into the world of cannabis vaping, we can’t recommend vape cartridges enough.  These convenient little packages of happiness will help you maintain throughout the day without advertising it to the world.  Subtlety, convenience, and the full unadulterated effects of your favorite strains, all found in a convenient little package.

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