10 Reasons Why Legalization is the Way to Go

It’s pretty cool that we live in a country where we can say “Legalize It,” and most people automatically know what “it” is. In fact, according to a Pew Research survey, 61% of Americans actually support cannabis legalization – and there’s lots of good reasons for it. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Legalization would boost the economy

By 2025, the cannabis industry in the US could exceed $24 billion. This wouldn’t even come only from sales – in fact, for every $1 sale of cannabis, more than double is generated due to an increase in tourism, food sales, transportation, and more.

Traffic incidents may actually decrease with legalization

To cannabis haters, this probably comes as a huge surprise. But in fact, traffic deaths have dropped 11% on average where medical use has been legalized. A professor at the University of Oregon at Eugene even said that easier access to cannabis does not lead to worse public safety, and it actually improves.

It would decrease organized crime

As more states legalize cannabis, less people are smuggling it into the US from Mexico. If something is made legal, it turns out there’s no longer a market for something that’s illegal. Go figure!

Improved quality and safety

Unlike other street drugs, there is no way for cannabis smokers to test the safety of the cannabis they’re getting. Cannabis in dispensaries, on the other hand, must meet a set of standards before it can even be sold. It’s a no-brainer.

Easier access to medicine

Federal legalization would make it possible for more patients to be exposed to medical cannabis with both THC and CBD. People with chronic pain, PTSD, cancer treatment side-effects, migraines, and more would have improved healthcare with a safer substance.

Police can focus on what matters

In fact, police will actually have more funding to focus on actual violent crimes. Tax revenue from legal sales would provide both courts and police with additional money.

Lots of job opportunities

In 2015 alone, the first full calendar year that cannabis was recreationally legal, Colorado created over 18,000 full-time jobs in the legal cannabis industry.

A potential end to the War on Drugs

It’s a conversation for another day, but laws around cannabis and its enforcement has always been pretty racist. Many government officials think that legalization would lead to reparations in a broken system.

It’s less harmful than alcohol and tobacco

…and both of those are already legal, yet there’s a message on every tobacco product that says it can cause cancer. Ironically, some scientists actually think cannabis has some properties that lead it to help our bodies fight off cancer cells. Weird, right?

Prohibition is actually more harmful to kids than legalization

A weed dealer in high school isn’t going to ask a kid for their ID, so there’s really not much stopping somebody from getting cannabis if they want it and know where to get it. If it’s made legal and regulated, there will be less of a chance of minors getting their hands on it.

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