Top 9 Successful Celebs Who Smoke

Just say no to marijuana or you could end up a billionaire, president of the United States, or just wildly rich and famous. Here are 9 celebs who smoke and break the stereotype of pothead to show the world why weed is motivation.

Does using marijuana ruin your chances of having a successful career? Not anymore! It’s no secret you have to work hard to be successful. These pot-smoking business people, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and celebrities are proof that the days of lazy stoner stereotypes and horrible anti-pot campaigns are in the past.

This is your list of the most epically successful stoner celebrities and entrepreneurs of our times. Grab some popcorn, a nice packed pipe, and toke notes from the pros because who knows, maybe you could be the next cannabis connoisseur entrepreneur.

Whoopi Goldberg

That’s right! Whoopi is a major cannabis advocate. She’s even launched her own line of cannabis products that target menstrual cramps with tinctures, body balms, and bath soaks. 


Okay, maybe it’s not that surprising that Roseanne gets high. She even acted high in one of the episodes from her infamous TV show. She openly supports cannabis policy reform and even tried her hand at opening a dispensary in California.


The original Queen of Pop once dropped more F-bombs on David Letterman than Good Fellas entire movie. Years later in an interview she explained to the late night host that it was the joint she smoke before that night that loosened up her tongue so much. We love you Madonna, for keeping it real 100%.

Bill Gates

BuzzFeed has called him the “wealthiest American and the nation’s largest philanthropist. Bill Gates co-founded a little startup called Microsoft, maybe you’ve heard of them.

Gates publicly voted “yes” to legalize cannabis in Washington, his home state. Does Bill Gates actually smoke weed though? He suggested to journalists in the 1990’s that he’d tried both marijuana and LSD and is listed on the Marijuana Policy Project’s ranking of “influential marijuana users”.

In the book Gates: How Microsofts Mogul Reinvented an Industry and Made Himself the Richest Man in America, author Stepen Manes suggests that marijuana is Gates “pharmaceutical of choice.

Carl Sagan

Like to get blazed and look at the stars? So does Carl Sagan, the vintage scientist who’s famous for his broad world and galactic perspectives.

Sagan died in 1996 from pneumonia at age the young age of 62, but not before becoming one of the world’s most famous scientists. He single-handedly popularized the study of astronomy and was a pioneer for the search for intelligent life off-planet.

His life-long best friend, Harvard professor Dr. Lester Grinspoon, another successful and intelligent cannabis advocate, published a book called, Marijuana Reconsidered. In it the 1971 book, he included an anonymous essay by a “Mr. X” who wrote at length about his blissful experiences with marijuana.

It wasn’t until 1999 that Grinspoon revealed Mr. X was, in fact, the one and only Carl Sagan.

Michael Phelps

No one who ever smoked pot did anything good with their life? Ever heard that? Me too. Tell that to Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

The media blasted Phelps for getting blasted from a bong rip back in 2009. Isn’t weed supposed to slow you down? I guess not for Phelps!

Hugh Hefner

America’s playboy passed away recently, but his legacy will likely live on forever. His long-time lover, Holly Madison, revealed in her “tell-all” book, Down the Rabbit Hole, that Hugh enjoyed a nightly puff at the end of each day.

Woody Harrelson

Ok, maybe you guessed Woody Harrelson gets high. It’s no secret. Woody even tried to get a license to run a medicinal weed dispensary from his Hawaiian home.

Most recently though he told the Daily Mail that he’s been on a 1-year hiatus from smoking herb. He didn’t have anything bad to say about it, but he mentioned that he is super moderate with marijuana now compared to most of his life.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is considered one of, if not the, most successful stoner. He’s idolized by entrepreneurs all over the world for what he did with Mac. According to reports, he used to smoke weed with friends and eat pot brownies. He says that it helped him relax and made him more creative.


The world’s perspective on pot is shifting. It’s going from back alleys and basements to the front page; so don’t be shy about your cannabis advocacy. Could it hold you back from being successful?

Perhaps if you don’t have a healthy habit or lifestyle, sure it could. But just because you use it regularly in moderation doesn’t mean you’ll turn into an unmotivated couch potato. Get lifted, get inspired, and go out there and get ‘em, tiger!

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