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  1. DimeBags

    We no longer carry 3 sizes, we only have a small or large option now. ALL SMELL/SPILL Proof bags are NEW construction and way better then our older ones.

  2. Nessa

    Hi! Purchasing your fresh release backpack with the new label collection soon for school and was wondering when you will have a restock of the plastic pouches? I love them, just mine tore due to over use and I would like to gain more hopefully when I order the backpack to save redoing the a whole other order, thanks! -Nessa

  3. Jay

    Really amazing seal on the bag, love that reassuring click!

  4. Ally

    So amazing!! Better at containing the smell than anything I’ve ever used 🙂 my bag ripped at the opening some what soon after I bought it, but they’re such a good price and so effective I don’t mind buying more

  5. chalsae

    I like the smell/spill proof bag. I find that it does work pretty well containing some of the stink. 😉 Although, if you put something already burnt inside of it, it seems to smell a bit. Love that they’re included in the bags for free though. 🙂

  6. Jeremy Malone

    What is the purpose of the smell/spill proof pouch?

    • DimeBags

      It can be used to store a variety of items, such as make-up, perfume/cologne, hand sanitizer etc. Pretty much anything you don’t want to spill or smell in your bag.

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