The Cleaner Omerta (Lockable zipper, Lock NOT included)

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Yo, I’m Italian. Well, my dad is half. Kinda. He’s adopted so we’re not sure, but we do own the complete Soprano box set. I’d love you to watch it with me and my mom.

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There is no secret here – this is the greatest bag on the market. With dual layered zippers and treated carbon lining, travel confidently and confidentially on all your adventures. Refreshing the carbon lining is easy – simply toss in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes and you’re good as new. This bag may not include the in-line lock, but the lockable zipper keeps your valuables safe and is hassle free. Just in case you choose to go without a lock or don’t want to look discrete. The Cleaner is a must have if you aren’t the lightest packer and want to keep your shit safe.


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