Dime Bags Featured Artist: SIRRON NORRIS


His work has adorned the buildings and streets of San Francisco since 1997. Now, Dime Bags has teamed up with favorite San Francisco artist, Sirron Norris, to bring you custom labels and pins that will up your bag game.

Sirron Norris

Sirron Norris graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and began his art career in San Francisco in 1997.

He was the recipient of the Artist in Residence programs at the de Young Fine Art Museum of San Francisco and San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2000 and 2002 respectively. Norris is known for his extensive public art contributions.

Among them, his most notable mural, “Victorion: El Defensor de la Mission” located in San Francisco’s historic “Balmy Alley” has been featured in various media platforms including magazines, books, and advertisements. The Calumet Mural, located at 18th and Bryant in the Mission district, currently stands as his largest at 600 square feet. It was recently featured in an international Mitsubishi television commercial featuring the launch of their newest vehicle in 2014. His work as a muralist was also used as the platform to launch the new Ricoh Theta campaign in Japan and the US.

Norris is also an accomplished artist across several mediums including multimedia, television, film, and illustration. He was the lead artist in Fox Network’s animated show “Bob’s Burgers” and in that capacity, he created backgrounds and character designs. In 2010, Norris’ art career was featured on the PBS news Hour with Jim Lehrer and in the television show, Concrete Canvas in the United Kingdom.

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