Want to Carry Our Products? Here’s How!

Calling all smoke shops: Who wants to be part of something great? We are happy to say that we are currently accepting applications for wholesale accounts. If you want to stock up on our hemp bags, backpacks, pouches, clothing, and more, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to start selling our recognizable and fan-favorite products. Why sell Dime Bags products? We’ve got a few good reasons. Ready to sign up now? Scroll to the bottom of our post!

Why Sell Dime Bags?

Not to Brag, but We’re Pretty Cool.

Founded more than 10 years ago, Dime Bags are now asked for by name. Our little green logo has become a recognizable symbol of durability, style, and function amongst the cannabis community, and we’ve even created our own material: Hempster.

Hempster is a blend of recycled polyester and hemp – it really doesn’t get much more sustainable than this. Using recycled polyester strengthens the fabric and also allows for a wider variety of colors. Our Dime Bags are made of Hempster on the outside, and 100% organic cotton on the inside – we’ve proudly built ourselves into an innovative, environmentally friendly, and trustworthy brand.

Our Customers Think We’re Pretty Cool, Too.

Our rating on Facebook is 4.8 stars, and many people have recommended us to their friends. Our wall is also covered in tons of positive feedback.

Take Jodie H., for example, who left us an awesome testimony this month:

“I stumbled on this darling bag when I bought a pipe at my local head shop. I have several bags to hold my goodies, but this one is different. It’s well made, smell proof and absolutely adorable! I didn’t know what I had until I checked the website and saw the customizable patches and the secret stash pocket. And it was so affordable! Thanks! I can’t wait to check out the backpack!”

Not to brag, but almost all of our testimonies are along the lines of “Dime Bags are awesome.”

Still Not Convinced?

If you enroll to become a wholesaler of our Hemp Bags, Backpacks, Pouches, and more, we’ll add you to our Store Locator catalogue to drive you in some business. Our goal is to help you succeed, so we do whatever we can to make sure your shop get found by our fans.

We offer our products at a 10% higher rate at DimeBags.com than what your MSRP is. We do this to encourage consumers to shop local, at your shop, because they are guaranteed the best price. We also police our MSRP online and don’t allow for any online sales (aside from our own website). Again, this is all for you, to encourage consumers to enter your shop.

We also feature a Shop of the Month on our homepage, social media, and blog. Interested in becoming a Shop of the Month when you sign up? Mention you’d like to be featured to your wholesale account manager and we’ll get you signed up.

Ready to Become a Wholesaler?

If you’re now as crazy about Dime Bags as we are, let us help you order our stuff!

Here’s what to do:

Start by visiting our wholesale page. You’ll get more details here, but this post will sum it up for you.

  1. Give us a call.

Call the Distributor, Head Choice Inc. at 1 (888) 520-8808. They’ll walk you through the process and help to get you started.

  1. Visit the Head Choice Inc. site.

You can find their wholesale distribution page here for more information, or skip right to filling out the New Customer Form.

Header image is of Smoke ‘N’ Rays – our May 2018 Shop of the Month. 

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