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The BEST Dime Bags for Winter Sports

Avid sports enthusiasts and outdoors-people alike can all come together during winter! ☃ The sleek, stark white snow-covered mountains and crystal clear ice can excite many athletes...

What Else Can Dime Bags Do?

You may have a good idea of what Dime Bags are used for. But we don’t like to limit our purpose. Dime Bags are made for EVERYONE,...

Introducing The Convoy and Rasta All-In-One

Looking to find the freshest Dime Bag drop currently available? Look no further, we’re excited to introduce you to two new bags. First on the scene is another addition to the Omerta family, The Convoy, a smell proof, lockable tote. Second is a new color for the fan-favorite All In One, Rasta. Third, are four new patches to match. All will debut this Friday, October 23rd at noon MT.