Are Omerta Bags Drug Dog Proof?

“Are Dime Bags Omerta bags drug dog proof?” When customers are looking for a scent proof
bag, you can bet that this is a question that commonly gets asked. It would be nice to know
that your privacy is secured to this degree when purchasing a ‘smell-proof’ container for
transport, but how do you really know? Here at Dime Bag, you simply have to ask or read
this informative article to find out how protected you are with our scent-free containers.

So, Are They Drug Dog Proof Or Not?
We’ll just start off by giving you a definite answer, no. Dogs have noses that are easily 40x
more sensitive than the human nose, and that means that even the slightest amount of odor
on or around the bag will alert them to the presence of cannabis. There are no bags on our
marketplace, or on any market that we’re aware of that are proof against drug dogs. This is a
claim that we’ve never made, nor will we ever make. The Omertà line was specifically
designed with keeping your stash private from the human nose. The smell of cannabis is a
pervasive one that is hard to miss and hard to remove, and for those with sensitive noses, it
can be overwhelming. Our Omertà bags were our solution to being polite (and keeping your
privacy) from our fellow humans.

We want to thank @BlazeOrBust for clarifying this detail in his videos, and we feel its
essential for our customers to understand. There was some confusion in the marketplace
when we first applied this term to the products we carry in the Omertà line as we were the first
to our bags. All ethical concerns aside creating a bag that would be proof against the highly
sensitive nose of dogs would be a difficult, and likely costly, endeavor.

What If A Cop Wants To Search My Bag?
This is a topic that we take very seriously. Remember that unless the officer has probable
cause, they have no right to search you or anything you carry. We believe that the best way
to protect yourself is to educate yourself, and that’s why all of our products have come with a
copy of your 4th Amendment rights since we started selling them.

A Note From Our CEO And Founder
Dime Bags has been a leading Lifestyle Brand for cannabis consumers, users, and advocates
for over a decade. We’ve been a proponent in monetary contributions to help efforts that
have lead to the legalization or reform of Cannabis/CBD laws in dozens of states. Our
mission from day one was about providing a sustainable product that had less impact on
Mother Earth and our planet, but that was just the beginning.
Sustainability is about more than preventing harm to the Earth; it’s about helping an already
thriving industry stay thriving as well. We’ve put measures in place from the first day to aid
our clients and users in every way possible, and one of the most important is education.
#KnowYourRights, #ComeBackWithAWarrant, and #SupportYourLocalEconomy are all
campaigns that we created and drove into the industry.

Though we certainly can’t take all the credit for the momentum our country is experiencing
towards legalization, we are proud to support the community we love and grew up in, and are
dedicated to helping lead it into the future. You have our solemn promise to continue to
educate, contribute, and upkeep our commitment to honesty regarding our projects. We will
not use marketing speak or propaganda to mislead our customers by making fraudulent
claims to entice sales and will remain committed to providing the best lifestyle products on the
market today. While they may not be K9 proof, and we never said they were, we’re proud of

our Omerta line of products and stand by our belief and experience that they are excellent for
keeping the contents of your bag private from fellow human noses.

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