What’s the Best Way to Travel With Cannabis?

Want to travel with your stash without being so obvious? Whether it’s a family reunion, party, or a night out at the movie theater, we have some tips for the next time your traveling with cannabis.

Tips for Traveling With Cannabis

Traveling with weed is always a little nerve-wracking, even in legal states. So, here are just a few tips of advice from one stoner to another.

Dime Bags

Let’s start with the DO’s:

●  For some of us, it’s hard to pack light, even if it’s just for one night. But when packing your stash, pack light. Bring just the amount you plan on consuming, and leave the rest at home. That way, you don’t risk too much getting lost or stolen.

●  Pack your pot in a smell-proof bag. That way, you won’t risk making your wardrobe smell like a hippie farm. (Our Omerta bags are great for this.)

●  Know and follow the law! Whether you’re heading out for a camping trip or just to the in-laws, know the law in each place that you plan to travel to.

Here’s what NOT to do:

●  Don’t pack your stash in just any ol’ bag or suitcase. It could spill out when moved around, or cause your clothes to smell like Maui Wowie.

●  Don’t cross state lines with your stash. It’s illegal, according to the DEA, to cross state lines with weed. That’s even the case for states that have legalized marijuana. I know, crazy right? But it’s the law, says the DEA. If you happen to cross the state line, whether by car, bike, boat, train, or walking, know that you are crossing at your own risk. It’s very also important to know the states where weed possession is illegal, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes.

●  Don’t fly with weed. More and more individual states are broadly legalizing marijuana, and purchasing weed has becoming easier than ever. To date, 31 states have legalized medical marijuana, whereas only 9 states have legalized recreational marijuana. This is fantastic news, as we already know the many benefits cannabis as a whole has for people. But the federal government still views all things cannabis as a Schedule I substance. Each state and airline may have their own guidelines, but it’s a different story when we reach the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). At that point, we are entering federal jurisdiction. The TSA states, “Possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products, such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law.” TSA’s main purpose is to ensure there’s no threat to the flight or passengers; so they’re not necessarily actively looking for illegal drugs. But, if they find marijuana, they’ll get law enforcement involved.

The Omerta Solution

First, let’s explain what “omerta” means. The term originated in southern Italy, and was coined by the Mafia in the 1500s, as a code of silence or a code of honor. Hence our Omerta collection –– quite the name for a collection of bags that are designed 100% smell-proof. However, that’s not the only fun fact about the Omerta bags. Each bag is lined with carbon-filter technology –– absorbing scents or smells by entrapping them through the carbon molecules. Yes, we have put a lot of scientific thought and time into creating our products. We do it all for you.

With carbon-filter technology, you can transport your stash discreetly and no one will know. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Options for Your Next Trip

Our Omerta collection is designed to keep your belongings safe and private. From the 5” pouch to the very large 26” Cleaner bag, each Omerta product is equipped with lockable zippers, interchangeable Velcro labels, and they all are 100% spill-proof and smell-proof. You can view the full Omerta line here. When planning your next trip, keep the above tips in mind. And regardless of where you go, your secret is always safe with Omerta.

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