Stay Lit – Ways to Spark Up

Some people swear by Zippo lighters. Others would rather grab a disposable one at the gas station. And some will never use anything besides hemp wick. However you toke it up, we respect it! Looking for new ways to burn your buds? There’s actually tons of options to choose from. Stay lit.

stay lit

Classic Lighter

It goes unsaid! A classic disposable lighter is probably the easiest and most common way to spark your stash. They’re cheap and convenient and can be used by almost anyone. But beware, these guys use butane to light the flame – and butane can be harmful when inhaled.

If using a classic lighter to spark a joint, wait a few seconds before taking a hit to give the butane time to burn off. If using it to light a bowl, try to get it to cherry so it keeps on burning.


Zippo Lighter

It’s time to get fancy now – Zippos are the go-to brand for anybody looking for a reusable, refillable lighter. They’re better for the environment than disposable lighters, and you can even get your Zippo lighter customized. It’s a fun smoking accessory, though not the most convenient.

We suggest avoiding Zippos when lighting bowls or water pipes because the fuel it uses can ruin the taste. Zippos work best for lighting joints or blunts, but again – wait a few seconds before hitting it to avoid inhaling those chemicals.



Sometimes on cold days, you’ll find that your fuel-filled lighter just won’t spark. If you ever find yourself in this situation, a backup plan could be to use matches. These don’t use a gas to light, but they do contain sulfur – which can also ruin the taste of bud. Allow the match to burn for a few seconds before using and don’t directly touch the match to the herb.

Though matches can be used to light any smoking device, the flame can be hard to control. It’s not uncommon to burn your fingers or torch a bowl pack when using a match, so we suggest only using them when lighting joints.


Hemp Wick

Perhaps the healthiest and safest method to light your greens, hemp wick is coated in beeswax and uses no chemicals! As long as you have any source of fire (lighter, match, gas stove, etc.) you can easily use hemp wick. Once it’s lit, it stays burning so it can be used continuously. Hemp wick is also flavorless so you can focus more on the delicious taste of your herb.

Hemp wick is great, no matter what you’re smoking out of. We especially like how easy it is to cherry a bowl with hemp wick. It’s quickly gaining popularity and can now be found in most smoke shops and in online stores.

how to light a bong

Dry Spaghetti

Totally out of options? Got a gas stove at home and pasta in the cupboard? Try lighting your weed using dry spaghetti! Have a noodle catch on fire using a stove with an open flame and ba-da bing, ba-da boom – you’ve got yourself a heat source for smoking that stash.

Like the glow rod, dry spaghetti can be tricky when lighting things other than bowls or bongs. Hold the flame carefully over your bud for a clean, easy burn.

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