Cannabis Legends – Wiz Khalifa

From songs like So High and Roll Up to albums like Rolling Papers and Kush & Orange Juice, Wiz Khalifa has successfully established himself as one of the kings of cannabis culture. He starred in a movie with the legendary Snoop Dogg in which he was turned into a total high school stoner, has his own weed business, and rolls joints like no other. For this blog, we wanted to highlight some of Wiz’s contributions to the kush community.

Weed and Business

You may have heard Wiz’s song “KK,” which features Project Pat & Juicy Jay. The entire song is about them “blowing Khalifa Kush” – which is actually a real thing! Wiz Khalifa has his own line of cannabis products, such as grinders and rolling papers, and even markets his original hybrid strain (though rumor has it, “real” Khalifa Kush is unavailable to the public).

Wiz is actually somewhat of a cannabis entrepreneur, with aspirations to create his own line of weed-infused beverages. He’s had enough time to get familiar with the business and has been absolutely killing it.

Wiz Khalifa cannabis music

Smoking and Music

Wiz says that his musical inspiration comes from other cannabis enthusiasts who mention weed in their music – like Snoop, Cypress Hill, and Dipset. According to Wiz, “smoking just helps to free my mind, slow my thoughts down and think about everything not only in a more poetic way but in a more creative way in general… It just makes it more vivid.” For him, smoking weed is an essential part of the creative process.

Music has always been a huge part of culture, and through his music, Wiz is given the opportunity to influence the masses by promoting the safe and healthy use of weed while being unashamed. He’s the perfect example of how bud can be used for good – how it doesn’t make people lazy stoners, and that you can be successful even if you smoke on the daily.

Wiz and Joints

Did you know that Wiz has a tutorial video of him in a hot tub explaining how to roll the perfect joint? A guy like him, who’s said he rolls out six at a time to stay prepared, is sure to know what he’s doing. Apparently the six-joint ritual started when he met Snoop. Wiz says that “as soon as I wake up, I roll six of them. When I get to the studio, I roll six. If I show up to a video set, I gotta have six of ’em rolled. And that’s when I start.”

Wiz Khalifa cannabis dime bags

Weed and Legalization

Wiz believes that “the world would be a better place” if cannabis were made legal. He supports it not only because he thinks that everyone would benefit from it, but also because of the business opportunities that come along with legalization – as well as additional governmental funds that could be used to better communities.

In his opinion, people only disapprove of weed right now simply because it’s illegal. If it were to be rescheduled by the Drug Enforcement Agency and available to the public like any other product, Wiz thinks it would be seen in a very different light.

Wiz’s Lifestyle and Home

Even at home, Wiz lives a totally weed-friendly lifestyle. He’s got a “Dab Bar” to store his rigs, wax, and a machine that can roll one hundred (100!!!) joints at once – which, according to him, would take a couple of days to smoke).

He’s also got a “Weed Wall” in his recording studio which is dedicated to all the great cannabis icons of history, such as Willie Nelson and Bob Marley.

Overall, Wiz is one of the greatest cannabis connoisseurs, entrepreneurs, and advocates of our time. If we had a Weed Wall, he would definitely make the cut.

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