Cannabis and Yoga – Do They Mix?

The cannabis craze has come a long way since the days of Reefer Madness, and the attitude towards this incredible herb has done a complete 180.  CBD Oil and ganja have been finding applications in some of the most surprising of places, from pet foods to this months featured activity, yoga. These days yoga instructors are starting to find out just how much benefit you can get by combining the chill wave of THC with this mind-soothing practice.

You’ll Settle Into “Zen” Much Faster
With your mind drifting gently in a purple fog, you’ll have an easier time letting go of the worries of the day.  Being present but clear of mind requires most people a few minutes of breathing, focusing, and settling themselves into place.  A mild indica strain has been reported to help speed up this process and allow you to start reaping the benefits of a yogic mind in moments.

Your Awareness Is Boosted
One thing that gets reported by many practitioners of Yoga is that they find themselves intensely focused on their asana, and the rest of the room fades as a result.  With a cannabis assisted yoga session, they find that the music, candles, incense, and even outside noises through windows or from other rooms all becomes part of the experience.  Far from being distracting, they serve as another way to center them in their practice.

Syncing Music, Body, And Mind Becomes Easier
Throughout the practice, those who were under the influence shared that they felt more connected to everything, and themselves as a result.  The fluid motions of asana were achieved in time with the music in the background, and their minds were present for every moment of the practice instead of struggling to keep hold.  Regardless of whether it was the indica cloud or not, the benefits were hard to question.

The Awareness Of Body Went Internal Too
While being acutely aware of your body is part of the central practice of yoga, there was something about the experience while being high that set it aside.  Instead of worrying about whether or not they were properly hitting the specific shapes, they found themselves instead of focusing on the feelings of their bodies and how they responded to the poses.  The body and mind were both allowed to operate independently, with the body moving fluidly while the mind remained peaceful.

Needless to say, these experiences beg a lot of questions about whether a “Ganjic Yoga” practice may be the key to greater spiritual enlightenment and enhanced psychological benefits.  What we do know is that yoga has always been about attaining a higher spiritual state and becoming reconnected with ourselves and the Earth.  Those who have deeply rooted themselves in Ganja culture often report similar goals, experiences, and values.  Perhaps the two have just been a natural combination all along, and these newly discovered benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

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