2018 – Year in Review
Strain of the Month – January
What are Vaporizers?
New Products Alert – The Wristlet & Bi-Fold
Shop of the Month – Up’N Smoke Fort Collins
Cannabis Legends – Wiz Khalifa
Can I Fly With Weed?
Guide to Edibles
2019 Fashion Trends
Strain of the Month – December
Help! I Smoked Too Much
Dime Bags and Grassroots Winter Lookbook
Cannabis in 2019
Shop of the Month – Tundra Smoke Shop
How to Spot Good Cannabis
Best Sellers of 2018
How To Keep Your Weed Fresh
Artist Spotlight: Dylan Montayne
Stay Lit – Ways to Spark Up
Where to Buy Dime Bags in San Francisco
What Are Cannabinoids?
What Do Dime Bags and Bob’s Burgers Have In Common?
Canada and Cannabis – All You Need to Know
Made On Earth, For Earth
What Our Fans Have to Say About Our Bags
Shop of the Month – 42 Degrees
Ways to Consume – What Piece is Right for Me?
What Are Terpenes?
November’s Strain of the Month – Sour Apple
The Top Shelf Series
Where to Buy Dime Bags in NYC
Gift Guide for the Smoker in Your Life
What’s the Best Way to Travel With Cannabis?
Where to Buy Dime Bags in D.C.
Where is Cannabis Legal in the USA?
A Guide to Our Accessories
October’s Strain of the Month – Ghost Train Haze
Where to Buy Our Products in Miami
Why We Beat the Competition
New Omerta Products – The Capo and Collector
Shop of the Month — Bud’s Glass Joint
Where to Buy Dime Bags in Seattle
History of 420: When Did National Smoke out Day Begin?
A Day in Chicago — Things to Do Near Our Store
Where to Buy Dime Bags in Austin, Texas
Where Did The Dime Bags Name Come From?
Fall Sale – 50% Off Brown and Yellow Bags
Best Padded Cases for Bongs, Pipes, & Dab Rigs 2018
Best Dime Bags for Skaters
A Day in Denver – Things to Do Near Our Flagship Store
10 Reasons Why Legalization is the Way to Go
Get Them Before They’re Gone
10 Surprising Facts About Cannabis
Want to Carry Our Products? Here’s How!
What Does Omerta Mean?
Dime Bags + Grassroots Fall Lookbook
Top 9 Successful Celebs Who Smoke
The 4th Amendment – Know Your Rights
CBD & Medical Cannabis Health Benefits
Are Dime Bags Illegal?
6 Purses We Can’t Live Without
Our Padded Pouches — What Fits?
Which Backpack is Right For Me?
5 Uses for the Conversion Tube
What’s the Deal With Concentrates?
Power to the Plant – 7 Incredible Uses for Hemp
Artist Spotlight – Sirron Norris
Shop of the Month – Magic Man Costume and Fun Shop
6 Grassroots Hats That Perfectly Match Your Favorite Dime Bags
7 Dime Bags That Are Perfect For Festival Season
Dope Duffle | Dime Bags Rewind
Shop of the Month – Myxed Up Creations
What is 710?
Shop of the Month – Freaky’s Smoke Shop & Tattoo
Shop of the Month – Smok’N Ray’s Smoke Shop
Grand Opening Recap + Upcoming Events!
We’ve Opened Two New Locations!
How Does Carbon Filter Technology Work?
Our Top 10 Favorite Patches
What is Hempster?

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